Chapter 241 Preview

Chapter 241 Teaser

Zhao Hai was surprised for a moment, but then showed a faint smile. “Many thanks, beastfolk friends, but we don’t need to do so. We can solve this problem ourselves.” As he spoke, he turned to the oncoming Jackal tribe cavalry.

These Jackal tribe members were armed with weapons didn’t look very kind. They seemed ready to strike and kill everyone on the spot.

Zhao Hai snorted coldly and brandished his Ghost Cane. Over a hundred undead suddenly appeared around the caravan. These undead weren’t human-shaped, but were instead beasts. Moreover, they weren’t zombies but skeletons.



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  1. Inbetweenaction

    soo…. is this super heresy, or polite magic? seeing how the beastfolk use bones to use magic, but hold beasts in great importance, i could see it go either way…

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