Chapter 236 Preview

Chapter 236 Teaser

Of course, Zhao Hai definitely didn’t know the thoughts of the two women. Under that atmosphere, however, he could only continue to think about being intimate with Laura, so he left the tent. Naturally, that feeling had also tapered off.

After he left the tent, Zhao Hai breathed in some fresh air and looked around. He discovered some Pig tribe women were already awake at this early hour and were busy with tasks around the camp. Some of them crowded together to milk the sheep, some were nursing the lambs, and some were cleaning the mess from yesterday’s feast. When they saw Zhao Hai leave his tent, they greeted him and Zhao Hai hastily greeted them back.

One would have to say that the ordinary life of a beastfolk was still very hard. Take Spear and this tribe; there were no slaves so they had to do everything themselves. Moreover, their main source of income came from selling argali. Selling wool was their secondary source.


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