Chapter 234 Preview

Chapter 234 Teaser

Laura quickly went out of the carriage after she saw the several big-belly pig tribesman and hastily greeted them, “Fellow Pig tribe friends, we are a Terran merchant clan. We aren’t any malicious people, so please let your faithful dogs return to the sides of their masters.”

These big bellied pig tribesman saw Laura behind the caravan. A pig tribesman who seems to be the leader has quickly placed down his sheep-skull hammer and greeted Laura, “Dear Terran businesswoman, please forgive our rudeness. As you know, here in the prairie, I must ensure the safety of my tribesman.” After saying the words, he shouted twice, making the faithful dogs obediently return to their sides.

Laura was out of the carriage at present when the several pig tribesman had also jumped down their mounts and walked towards Laura. When both sides were distanced two meters apart, Laura saluted to the pig tribesman and said “Taoyuan Chamber of Commerce President, Laura, has seen the Pig tribesman’s brave warriors.”



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  1. Inbetweenaction

    i am really questioning the greeting phrase “we are not suspicious/malicious etc…”

    and, to be fair, you are thinking about sort of ripping them of (similar price as your competitors, non of their expenses) and possibly enslave some of them through mindwashing in the space so they will tell you about all their veggies

    1. Kumagawa Misogi

      Space of brainwashing

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