Chapter 233 Preview

Chapter 233 Teaser

Multicolored flag, a sign of a beastfolk tribe. Any beastfolk tribe, regardless of whether they were great or small, would always hang up the multicolored flag of their tribe.

These multicolored flags, with regards to the beastfolk, meant stability, auspicious luck, and good fortune. Multicolored flags, in the eyes of the beastfolk, were rainbows.

Rainbows appeared after the rain, and rain was very important to the beastfolk. Rain could make rivers large, so there would be more available water. Rain could make the prairie more lush, allowing their magic beasts to become more stout and strong, increasing their wealth. As such, all beastfolk tribes hung a multicolored flag.

In the prairie, so long as you saw a multi-colored flag, you’d know there was a tribe nearby. This was common knowledge in the prairie. Zhao Hai had read this miscellaneous information somewhere, which was how he knew of it.


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  1. Inbetweenaction

    soo cai er is about to turn into his flag?

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