Chapter 232 Preview

Chapter 232 Teaser

It wasn’t until the shadow of the cavalry was gone that Laura and the other two walked out of the carriage. They had observed the cavalry, so Laura turned to Green and said, “Grandpa Green, if not for your tough attitude, I fear those fellows wouldn’t have let us off so easily. That was really risky.”

Green smiled faintly. “It’s alright. I’ve seen many such situations before. They were just acting, so it wasn’t anything much.”

Laura smiled. “Upon entering the Beastfolk Prairie, such situations will be frequently encountered. The beastfolk themselves, on the other hand, would only take the food if they wished to rob. This is the unwritten rule of the Beastfolk Prairie. They still hope that people would bring food there in the future. Moreover, in the eyes of the beastfolk, Terrans look almost identical. With this, Grandpa Green won’t have to worry if anything does happen and can stay in the Black Waste.”



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  1. Inbetweenaction

    ok, so, terrans all lock the same. so why didn’t you hide and save the 1000 gold?

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