Chapter 230 Preview

Chapter 230 Teaser

The next morning, Zhao Hai followed the plan they’d agreed on yesterday and released two blood-colored Eagle Virtuous Phantasms and gave them his Ghost Cane. Then he ordered the blood-colored eagles to fly in the direction of Ironwall Fortress.

Ironwall Fortress was very far from the Black Waste. If one were to travel by a saddled horse carriage, then it would take about half a month to reach it. By horse it would take around ten days. Of course, this was assuming one were traveling leisurely and without haste.

This Ironwall Fortress was the first line of defense for the Purcell Duchy against the Beastfolk Prairie. It was the firmest defensive line in the Purcell Duchy and garrisoned 20,000 elite Benniu Guards the whole year round. These 20,000 elite Benniu Guards, when facing the non-elite beastfolk army, could stand against 100,000 of them. They could even hold that defensive line for several days.


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