Chapter 228 Preview

Chapter 228 Teaser

Meirin frowned. “Will this be alright? Aside from black magicians, almost all of the other magicians don’t wear magic hats. If the Young Master doesn’t wear a magic hat, then he’ll be identified. Even if we’re speaking about the Rosen Empire and don’t need to fear the aristocrats of the Aksu Empire, the Young Master had still drunk the Water of Nothingness. This fact is known by all. If they know of Young Master’s identity, then we will face greater troubles. After all, the Water of Nothingness is known to have no cure. If we make it known that we can cure the toxin of the Water of Nothingness, then it’ll cause trouble. Even if the Young Master denies it, they might find out about the Ghost Cane. If this secret gets out, then then it’ll cause trouble as people try to grab it.”.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. “Alright then, I won’t pretend to be a normal magician. I’ll just stick to being a Divergent Warlock. Anyway, one doesn’t need to cultivate for a Divergent Technique.”

Green frowned. “Actually, what the Young Master said about him being a Divergent Warlock isn’t incorrect, it’s just that his Divergent Technique is truly too formidable. As such, we shouldn’t let others know of it. If the Young Master reveals his identity, then we will gain more problems. No matter what, the identity of the Young Master shouldn’t be shown there. We cannot let them know of the Young Master’s identity.”



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