Chapter 227 Preview

Chapter 227 Teaser

Zhao Hai, Laura, Green, and Quinn John sat quietly within the living room of the Spatial Villa as they listened to Lyndsay Baker’s report about the Radiance Church.

After he’d finished transforming those white-clothed bishops into undead, he began to ask them about matters relating to the Radiance Church. Unsurprisingly, the one with the most detailed information was Lyndsay Baker. As such, he kept Lyndsay Baker back as he called for Green and the others before allowing him to continue to detail what he knew of the Radiance Church.

The Radiance Church was a great deal more formidable than what Zhao Hai and the others had thought. They currently controlled a dozen large and small duchies. Furthermore, several influential aristocrats from a few empires had already enlisted themselves as members of the Radiance Church. Specifically, they became the Radiance Church’s Protector Knights or elders.


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