Chapter 224 Preview

Chapter 224 Teaser

Maru also saw those people. Although they wore mercenary garbs, their movements were very neat. At a glance, it could be seen that they had good coordination and weren’t your average mercenaries. They should have received regular military training.

Zhao Hai watched the mercenaries. The number of people that had jumped over the wall numbered several hundred. When they entered the courtyard, they didn’t immediately attack Zhao Hai. Instead, they stood in place and changed their positions slightly to form ranks. Although they used up a bit of time, they had already lined up properly and into formation. After that, they charged at Zhao Hai.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. He himself was surrounded by many undead. At this time, he’d only used the human-shaped undead. Those beast-shaped undead hadn’t yet been mobilized.

Zhao Hai counted the knights attacking Faith Mansion from the front and came up with 18. These 18 knights had very good coordination with one another and were Rank Six experts.


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