Chapter 223 Preview

Chapter 223 Teaser

After Zhao Hai spoke, he turned to Laura and asked, “What do you think, Laura? Is the idea good or bad? If a black magician sat on that sacred light wood carriage as it’s pulled by undead Moonlight Lions with an undead bishop coachman. it must certainly ride like the wind.”

Laura and the others were shocked. Although Laura was very confident in Zhao Hai, hearing him say such things still surprised her.

No one could blame them for being surprised. Zhao Hai’s words were truly too astonishing. If Zhao Hai did this, then it would be tantamount to slapping the face of the entire continent’s Radiance Church. The Radiance Church wouldn’t let this go.


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  1. Inbetweenaction

    Laura, tell your idiot of a fiancee that the lions and unicorns are for the farm, and not to make undead out of. the gender does, after all, mean little to the farm. If he wants undead lions, first you breed some and THEN turn them into undead, after you create your own breading population.

  2. GonZ555

    *slap* *slap*

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