Chapter 221 Preview

Chapter 221 Teaser

Zhao Hai nodded. Such conditions were acceptable for him. If the Black Magician Alliance was really this loose, then joining wouldn’t be an issue.

Maru watched Zhao Hai’s expression, smiled, and said, “So long as you join the alliance, some common and ordinary intelligence will be provided free of charge. If you wish for the alliance to help you investigate matters with special circumstances, or to look up a specific individual, then  the alliance will request a fee. This fee will be based on the difficulty of obtaining this record.

“Naturally, the alliance will also give missions that you can partake in. For example, some magicians might also with to obtain information on certain individuals. How much you help in their investigations will become the basis for the amount you gain off the alliance’s commision. If there is a magician that requires a magic beast and you help in catching it, then the alliance will also pass a commision for that as well.”


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