Chapter 220 Preview

Chapter 220 Teaser

An occupation, but isolated by all. This meant it would have no way to continue its existence and was destined to perish. An occupation needed to be inherited; what it needed were the people. This was the most important part, the people. Unfortunately, no one favored the occupation, so no one could continue it. An occupation that loses its inheritance is similar to a clan that loses its inheritance. Sooner or later, it would perish.

This was the reason why Maru was so serious about the matter. The inheritance of black magicians would be broken if no one was willing to become one. With regards to black magicians, this wasn’t good news.

Maru said, “Since this situation occurred, we immediately began to investigate. These rumors didn’t appear on the continent for no reason at all. It’s certain that some people were specifically aiming for this. After careful investigations, we found that the ones behind these rumors and promoting it amongst the people came from Radiance Church.”



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