Chapter 219 Preview

Chapter 219 Teaser

With the information that Laura held in her hands, she smiled wryly as she told Zhao Hai, “The situation is difficult to handle. Boric had even told the Purcell clan not to intervene with what’s going to happen tonight, wherein the Purcell clan has to agree. Luckily, Grand Duke Evan is a good person, otherwise, he’ll just pretend to cooperate with us, but in fact, was working with Southern King Boric to deal with us. Even if we have Brother Hai’s Space, I fear we won’t be able to escape this disaster.”

Quinn John nodded as he understood what Laura meant. Although Zhao Hai has the Space, if Evan hadn’t been in an alliance with them, Zhao Hai won’t travel to Casa City. Due to these matters pushed all into one, Laura and Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to quickly have results.

This kind of feelings needs a process. Love at first sight, such a thing only exists in legends. Even if there really was such a thing, it won’t be born onto Zhao hai’s and Laura’s bodies.


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