Chapter 218 Preview

Chapter 218 Teaser

After everyone finished preparing, Zhao Hai took them away. Zhao Hai, Laura, Green, Quinn John, Nier, and Meg, however, stayed back in Faith Mansion.

They were waiting, not for anyone but Carlo’s people. How many of his men were currently in Casa City? They would tidy them up before leaving.

Right now, they were forced to leave Casa City and the Purcell Duchy. They’d suppressed the anger in the heart, but if they couldn’t vent, then it would become very uncomfortable.

Zhao Hai knew that in two days time, those mercenaries would arrive in Casa City. When that time comes, they would make their move. For the past two days, they lived honestly. They were in seclusion, the gates of Faith Mansion completely closed as they declined any visitors. Nobody came in or out. Compared to the busy atmosphere before, it seemed like another world.


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