Chapter 215 Preview

Chapter 215 Teaser

Quinn John sighed. Although he knew this day would come, it still made his heart uncomfortable when it came. After all, he’d watched Laura as she grew up. Now, suddenly, she said she agreed to Zhao Hai’s condition to marry him. It was like saying she would leave Quinn John forever. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

After a while, Zhao Hai calmed down. He looked at Laura and asked, “What else do you need to prepare? If you have anything you need to carry off, tell me and I’ll help you do so.”

When she heard what Zhao Hai said, Laura also relaxed and said, “We’re almost finished tidying things up here. It’s really fortunate Mister gave us several of those Spatial Bags as they are really helpful. Still, we’ll need a few more carriages in order to take away everything. Moreover, we need to explain several matters to the rest of our clan here, and that will take several days.”


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