Chapter 214 Preview

Chapter 214 Teaser

Stunned, Quinn John dropped his pen. He looked up at Laura and said, “Did Evan really say that? Did he really agree to this?”

Laura nodded and said, “Yes, Grand Duke Evan has agreed to it. He stated it right at the beginning that he will help me manage the stores. When I looked at his expression and saw that he was very earnest, I knew he didn’t wish to seize our stores. That was when I proposed to a 4:6 split, which he agreed to.”

Quinn John thought about it for a while, the nodded. “This is amazing, but you should have clearly explained the entire situation to Grand Duke Evan. Since the managers of our stores are our trusted subordinates, if we need them in the future then he must let them go.”



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  2. aberdeus

    when next update?

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    Because of Halloween events, Shif wasn’t able to MTL and I was a bit tired. Hence, we’re taking the week off to build a tiny stockpile and we’ll post next week.

    1. DOTV

      next week you say i look forward to it and hope you all rest up keep up the good work ^_^

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    No prob!! Happy Hallows!! ARIGATOU for all the chaters you guys’ve tled and see you next week!! 😀

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    I love this farm life

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