Chapter 212 Preview

Chapter 212 Teaser

Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows knew that these people were the Buda clan’s genuine and most trusted subordinates. As such, he didn’t dare to be neglectful. He moved forward and hurriedly greeted them. Meirin didn’t say anything, but returned the greeting, and both Woodhead and Stonehead did the same.

After watching the greeting, Zhao Hai turned to Woodhead and Stonehead and said, “Woodhead, Stonehead, help make Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows get familiar with the surrounding area and then lead him back to the parlor room.”

Woodhead and Stonehead immediately complied and led Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows away.

Zhao Hai and Green led Meirin to the parlor room. Meg served tea to them as they sat. Zhao Hai then told Meirin the information they’d obtained from Lycra while also informing her of their decision.


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  1. panlewarek

    I think there was a kind of mistake on novel updates. It said two chapters were published, but 212 is just a teaser.

    1. shif (Post author)

      Yes, they already fixed it 🙂

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