Chapter 211 Preview

Chapter 211 Teaser

Zhao Hai and Green stood in the courtyard of Bluestone Villa, looking up at the flying blood-red eagle in the sky. It had eyes filled with intolerance, and a powerful pressure that could not be helped.

It wasn’t until the blood-red eagle disappeared without a shadow that the two of them returned to the parlor room. Meg served them some tea, but Zhao Hai and Green weren’t in the mood to drink. Zhao Hai turned to Green and asked, “Grandpa Green, do you think the Purcell clan would help us? I think it’s best to not recklessly confront Boric. Our current strength is still too weak. The time to fight isn’t now.”

Green nodded. “Yes. Ah, it is indeed too reckless a time. I also think that we should make a temporary compromise. It’s for the best. If we let Boric know of our identities, then we won’t be able to stay for even a day in the Aksu Empire. As for the Purcell clan, there wouldn’t be any trouble. After all, they are still a major aristocratic clan and moving against them would cause a great deal of trouble. Unfortunately, I fear Laura will be in trouble.”



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