Chapter 210 Preview

Chapter 210 Teaser

Although Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows doesn’t know that Meg was a Rank Six magician, knowing that Meg was Green’s granddaughter, this was enough for her to be proud.

The importance of Green for the Buda clan was known by every individual in the continent. If not because of Green and Meirin, he feared that the Buda clan was extinguished a long time ago. Due to that idea, after hearing that Meg was Green’s granddaughter, Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows’ small dissatisfaction immediately vanished in his heart.

Zhao Hai looked at Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows and said “Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows, I told you my identity. This means that I am regarding you as my person. You had pledge under a blood oath, thus, in this life, you cannot betray me. I do hope, however, that you can become a genuine confidant. I am not afraid to tell you this, that although I drank the ‘Water of Nothingness’, I am a Divergent Warlock and I have the means to detoxify it. In the future, I will revitalize the Buda clan, and as long as you really help me, I will not mistreat you. However, if you only just wanted to work and don’t strive hard, become loof to act slippery, then do not blame me for being impolite.”



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