Chapter 209 Preview

Chapter 209 Teaser

As Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows left, Zhao Hai didn’t pay anymore attention to him and instead focused on the black magicians. He wanted to know what plays the black magicians would use. Since Carlo had sent them to deal with him, their ranks shouldn’t be low. What method will they use?

Just as he was thinking this, Alien suddenly began to shake. Zhao Hai was surprised, then immediately understood. The opposite party was trying to control Alien in order to deal with them. This somewhat surprised Zhao Hai, but he wanted to wait it out. Since the opposite party knew they were inside of Alien, they must of thought of dealing with Alien first. So long as they controlled Alien, they could then move against Zhao Hai and the others who were inside this undead.

They really did have a good scheme, but this scheme wouldn’t be able to achieve their goals. First and foremost, they didn’t know of Zhao Hai’s greatest cheat, the Space. Alien itself was already hard to deal with as it was a variation type of undead. Those fellows looking at Alien should suddenly feel they have bad luck.


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