Chapter 206 Preview

Chapter 206 Teaser

While traveling forward, Zhao Hai was paying attention to their surroundings through the monitor’s projection. Green and Meg were also paying attentively. Those stealth techniques, even if it can deceive an excellent eye, it cannot hide from the monitor.

What Zhao Hai felt strange was that they had traveled for more than two hours, but they didn’t find the existence of an enemy. They proceeded for about a half hour more and soon, they would arrive at Stony Mountains, and obviously, there wouldn’t be any good place for an ambush.

Green was also a bit unsure and shared Zhao Hai’s thoughts that they would be ambushed past halfway to Stony Mountains. Now, however, they haven’t found anyone, and this was really beyond their expectations. He looked puzzled at the screen and said “Aren’t they ambushing us halfway to Stony Mountain?”


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