Chapter 204 Preview

Chapter 204 Teaser

That night, Zhao Hai told Meirin about their plans to head to Casa City. Meirin didn’t oppose him. On the contrary, she was very supportive of the idea.

Meirin had once dealt with those major aristocrats. She was very clear that if an aristocrat didn’t have any contact with others and just closed themselves up in their domains, they wouldn’t be able to achieve any sort of development. In the past, although the Buda clan didn’t have a proper network of contacts, they still had some dealings with major aristocrats. As such, it was convenient to do such things.

Because of their previous identity, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to make any proper contacts. This was very unfavorable to their future development. Therefore, Meirin hoped that Zhao Hai would head to Casa City and make connections with the honored and popular characters there.



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