Chapter 203 Preview

Chapter 203 Teaser

In all honesty, those large merchant clans within Casa City all had ideas about Zhao Hai. Since their businesses were based in the Purcell Duchy, they knew about the opportunities provided by the Taoyuan products a great deal earlier than Carlo.

Those merchant clans didn’t chase this opportunity as they understood the situation clearly. Their plans during the food crisis had failed because of Zhao Hai’s intervention. Although it could be said that Zhao Hai had done something that had negatively affected them, what he’d done was equal to giving the Purcell clan a large favor. With regards to the Purcell clan, they regarded Zhao Hai with the utmost importance. As such, it was difficult to move against Zhao Hai. Doing so would be the same as slapping the Purcell clan’s face. If they wanted to continue doing business within the Purcell Duchy, then they couldn’t move against Zhao Hai.

In addition, those large merchant clans wouldn’t dare to mess with a black magician. Black magicians were widely known on the continent as tough to handle. If one really messed with them, then one would have to deal with an endless amount of undead. Although they were large merchant clans, if they got entangled with a black magician, losses would be inevitable. Merchants weren’t willing to suffer such unexpected financial losses. They would rather pay attention to harmony and wealth.



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