Chapter 200 Preview

Chapter 200 Teaser

Upon leaving the Spatial Villa, Green and the others were shocked. The Space now looks different from how it originally was. Aside from the Spatial Villa and the fields, other places were shrouded with mist. Also, now, there’s the beautiful scene, the blue sky, with white clouds, beautiful green grasses, and the most important thing, the 1000 acres of fertile farmlands in front of them. That was a genuine fertile farmlands.

Zhao Hai hasn’t thought that after reaching level 20, the Space  would unexpectedly be able to give 1000 acres of farmland. Remember, originally, the size of the fields were only less than 100 acres, and this time around, it was a big surprise.,

In fact, Zhao Hai doesn’t know, that if according to the normal way the Space upgrades, only at level 30 can he have 1000 mu of farmlands, and only then can he transform it to red soil.



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