Chapter 199 Preview

Chapter 199 Teaser

Cai Er looked at the the Spatial Crack, her face doesn’t show any fear. She had already seen a space crack, don’t forget that she can appear here due to her relation to a a space crack, thus, how can she fear a space crack.

Cai Er simply didn’t care much and with a whiz, she flew into the Space. Seeing this, Zhao Hai’s eyes lit and also went inside the Space. The reason why Zhao Hai had lured Cai Er to go inside the Space was because she was too strong. If he can make Cai Er have her vines branch out into Fort Iron Mountain, then he won’t need to worry about the security there.

Moreover, Zhao Hai also had an idea. He hasn’t asked Cai Er about her relation with the seven-colored mist in the Carrion Swamp. If she indeed has some relation to it, as long as Cai Er branched out her vines in Fort Iron Mountain, and the entire Black Waste, he feared that the area would also be covered with the seven-colored mist. When that time comes, he can safely improve the land and boldly cultivate plants. There would be no one in the continent that would dare go to Black Waste, and this was the result he wanted to see.



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