Chapter 196 Preview

Chapter 196 Teaser

Zhao Hai and the others were sitting in the living room, but the atmosphere was quite different since Green has a smiling face. Meg was smiling too as she said “Grandpa, grandma, you don’t know how much anxious I was when we were facing the Rank Nine expert, however, the Young Master wasn’t nervous at all and can speak with confidence in front of a Rank Nine expert. It was really amazing.”

“Who said I wasn’t nervous, that is a Rank Nine expert and I am not enough for it. However, I found out that Zhao Wen doesn’t have any evil intention towards us, also, we are outside, nervous, so naturally, we must say say the words if we want to speak with it.” Zhao Hai replied with a smile.

Green and the others smiled, and now on the screen was Zhao Wen with the Ghost Cane as she flew towards Flower City. Zhao Wen was quick, moreover, she knew where Flower City was, thus, she cannot be wrong.



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