Chapter 195 Preview

Chapter 195 Teaser

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be disappointed, however, he changed his mind as he also wanted to feel relaxed. If Rank Nine experts were so easily appearing, then this world would be in chaos.

Having said that, in a strict sense, this giant mosquito doesn’t have any difference with the other Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes, probably it just lived longer than them, therefore, it became a Rank Nine expert. Looking into other aspects, there’s nothing really special.

Green and the others gave a perplexed look at Zhao Hai, as they don’t understand what he did, which was releasing a mosquito. Zhao Hai wasn’t thinking too deep, he was just thinking of a way to retrieve the mosquito. To his surprise, the Space projected an appearance, a prompt with written words on it asking “Do you want to recover the mosquito?”



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