Chapter 193 Preview

Chapter 192 Teaser

Zhao Hai relaxed a little. With regards to the Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes, Zhao Hai was still wary of them since they usually came in very large numbers, and then disappeared quickly. It was impossible for a single one mosquito to be evaluated as Rank Eight magic beasts considering their destructive power. Instead, they were rated as Rank Two magic beasts.

Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes were hard to deal with, however, and were even stronger than usual Rank Eight magic beasts. Some people even believed that a horde of Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes should be evaluated as a Rank Nine magic beast.

The strength of the Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes was something that not even the Eagle Virtuous Phantasms could cope with. It would also be impossible for Green to deal with them. If there wasn’t the Space, then Green facing these Devouring Blood-Mosquitoes would just result in Green’s death.



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