Chapter 190 Preview

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When Laura came down from Stony Mountains, besides the guards that followed behind her, there were also two hundred and eight undead. With the exception of the undead magicians, the others wore warrior clothing and moved quickly. They dashed behind Laura, and, unexpectedly, weren’t any slower than the speed of Laura’s  horses.

Laura wasn’t paying any attention to these undead. Instead, she looked at the sample blueprint of the marriage certificate Zhao Hai had made. One could say that this was quite simple and could be done using thick paper. He wanted it to be red-colored with a few words of golden text printed above, which was also quite simple. Laura, however, was actually lost in her thoughts. This lasted for quite some time.

Nier looking at Laura puzzledly. She didn’t understand what was so attractive about this simple paper. The piece of paper only had simple things written on it; nothing remarkable about that.



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