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At this moment, Laura’s heart was agitated. She was clear that those were Eagle Virtuous Phantasms, but Zhao Hai hadn’t had them from the start. After she gave the five Virtuous Phantasm colored eggs to Zhao Hai, he had tamed them easily, hatched several of them in a short time, and even allowed them to mutate. This was contrary to what Laura imagined, and she simply wouldn’t have thought that these Virtuous Phantasms could be mass bred.

The Eagle Virtuous Phantasms that Zhao Hai gave her were exactly the same as those she saw now. If he says those aren’t Eagle Virtuous Phantasms, then she wouldn’t believe him. But if he does tell her that those are Eagle Virtuous Phantasms, then Zhao Hai’s abilities would have to be re-evaluated.

Virtuous Phantasms were different from magic beasts. Magic beasts needed to mate, then there was an ovulation period. This, however, wasn’t the case for Virtuous Phantasms. For them to reproduce, their master must order them to do so. Moreover, after their first parturition, their strength would greatly diminish. This was the reason why there were few Virtuous Phantasms on the continent. Even if humans could breed them, the reproduction rate wouldn’t be high.



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