Chapter 185 Preview

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Evan frowned and said, “We must control this matter about Mister. We had been lucky to get help from Mister during the crisis, otherwise the losses of the Purcell clan would have been very big. We absolutely cannot allow them to succeed.”

Laura sighed.“The problem here lies in the fact that my uncles are not behind me. They are wolves, and being eyed by them won’t be good. This time around, they had sent someone and aren’t planning to let Mister off. If Mister complies to them, then it would be fortunate, but if not, then they will certainly haunt Mister.

“A couple of days ago, I had spoken to Mister and he told me it was impossible for him to comply with their demands. I asked him to give me some face. As long as they don’t do anything excessively, then Mister won’t care much. If they move excessively, however, then Mister wouldn’t comply with my concerns and instead deal with them. By that time, what I fear will happen is that there will be conflict between the Markey Dell clan and Mister.”



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