Chapter 183 Preview

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Laura was about to say something when Karen waved his hand to stop her and said ”I, your father, is very cautious throughout my life as I fear that your Grandfather and the Big Madame might hurt me. That’s why I decided to not study that much, even in the military arts, showed that I don’t have potential, and so, it is impossible for me to get revenge for your paternal Grandmother. However, you are different. You had shown an extraordinary business talent, adding Uncle QUinn John’s guidance, you had the ability to do so. And even now that you had taken a great foothold here in the Purcell Duchy, do not forget, that before meeting Mister Zhao Hai, we do not have any backings from the inner members of the clan, nor will the people in the Purcell Duchy back us up if we offend the Markey Dell clan.”

Karen’s eyes were shining with rays of wisdom, he continued to tell things to Laura, “However, the situation now is different. Mister Zhao Hai has the food commodities, so surely, he can control the food price in the Purcell Duchy. The Purcell clan owed him a debt, and Mister is a powerful magician, summing up all of these, do you think the Purcell clan would give us face just because you help them? I don’t deny the existence of this reason, but it might be due to our relationship with Mister Zhao Hai, as these great nobles shows kindness only if they can get benefits from it. ”



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