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Although Zhao Hai had shown some enthusiasm and had even given rewards to the couple today, the slaves were only a bit shocked about it and everything went back to normal. After all, this wasn’t the first time that Zhao Hai had shown this side of himself to them.

Zhao Hai helped the couple up, then took out the marriage certificate that he’d prepared. He gave it to the couple and said, “Today is your wedding day, and as the first couple to be wed in our Black Wastes, I have personally prepared this marriage certificate. Although this certificate won’t be recognized anywhere else but here in the Black Waste, so long as you have this certificate, you are a legally married couple. This is something on top of my congratulatory gift.”

This was the first time such a situation happened on the continent. No one had ever heard about it before, not even Green nevermind the slaves. Chee and Schee took the paper, albeit with some confusion.

Although they could identify the words, most of them weren’t legible to them. While there were some words that they didn’t know, they still looked stunned after receiving the sheet of paper.



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