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Between the fort’s interlinked inner and outer gates stood two slaves, a man and a woman. The man looked to be around 23 to 24 years old, while the woman looked younger by a couple of years. They both looked normal with no distinguishing features on them.

The two saw Zhao Hai coming out and immediately knelt down to salute to Zhao Hai. They both said, “Master Wanan.”

Zhao Hai nodded, waved his hand, and said, “Stand up and speak.” Only then did the two stand up, albeit their bodies were still bent, their expressions cautious as they did so.

Although these slaves knew Zhao Hai was kind, they had previously undergone enslavement education. Thus, when they saw Zhao Hai, they couldn’t even try to be impolite. They stood up after Zhao Hai told them, which was already very good progress for them. If it were the normal slaves, even if they were told by Zhao Hai, they wouldn’t dare to stand up.



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