Machine Translator: Shif
Editors: Argos Yesu


Hello readers. Argos and Shif here.

As some may have noticed, Armored Raven is picking up the novel from the beginning. No, the story wasn’t poached. Shif and I started the project knowing that we’d have to drop it if anything weird happens with it. If a decent TLer wishes to pick it up, then that’s fine. But I guess the major problem here was when the Qidian people emailed us and sent us panicking left and right.

While we weren’t told to drop the story, we already figured that it wouldn’t be good to continue our MTL. Also, in the hierarchy of things, people view TL as a more legit form than MTL. Doesn’t matter if our decisions are right or wrong, we’re just MTL. Meh…

For readers thinking we dropped the novel because of Armored Raven, that’s a mistake. Shif told me a few days ago that this transition would happen, so us dropping the novel wasn’t a reaction. Don’t worry about that.

As for what we’ll do now; Shif says he’ll continue his MTL , but with novels outside of Qidian. As for me, I’m still editing for RadiantTL and one novel on WW (which is basically a Radiant novel but I’m cheating here… my name is on the thing, so…).

Anyways, hope you guys like the retranslated chapters done by Armored Raven. To be honest, I also think they need a major overhaul. Wonder how many of the terms Shif and I decided upon would actually be used by Raven~~

This is the final chapter Shif and I will do. Enjoy.
— Argos. Approved by Shif.


Shif’s thoughts:

I decided to MTL the novel because I wanted the novel to have more exposure so that a lot of people would appreciate it. At the same time, I am also hoping a decent translator would pick it up. It took almost half a year before someone did, and I’m really thankful that this happened.

We’re not dropping the novel because another translator had picked it up, as stated earlier. A Qidian/Yuewen staff sent us an email and it’s about a cooperation on going legally translating the novel under them. Unfortunately, I don’t understand the Chinese language very well.

Since that was the case, the staff politely told me that I can continue the MTL, but that I should stop doing so once they launch their translation project. With that, I had already talked with Argos about dropping the novel and just release the remaining MTL’ed chapters slowly (putting aside the fact that I’m really busy this season).

Although they still allowed us to continue the MTL until they launch their translation project, I feel that I should go out as early as possible to be able to have the time to MTL another novel that I really like.I had already asked the translation group that had stopped translating it for about half a year now that I intend to MTL it. They had given me a go signal.

My goal is the same as what I had for Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World. More exposure and a chance that a decent translator would pick it up.

With that, I would like you all to support the new translator, Armored Raven. More importantly, don’t forget to thank Argos Yesu for all the handwork he had given for this project. You might not know, but without him, our translations wouldn’t be half as good as it is now.

I thank all the readers who had supported us all through this past 6 months. It was enjoyable and it has been a pleasure. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.



Final chapter release:

Volume 3: Chapter 241


  1. Kumagawa Misogi

    Thank you

  2. goo21

    Would you tell us the name of the other novel you want to mtl?

  3. egofighter

    i also wanna know what they will pick, sound interesting to me

  4. hehaaw

    for doing MTL, you guys doing pretty good job, kuddos.

  5. agila0212

    Thank you so much Shif and Argos Yesu for introducing us to this great novel. You have done a great job MTLing this, I wasn’t even aware it was MTL until later.

    If you are still looking for a novel to MTL I suggest Miracle Throne It has the potential to become the next TDG.

  6. Oak

    Thanks for all your hard work on this novel up to this point!

  7. virusecks


  8. Don Roronoa Zoro

    you should do left off at a good part

  9. van00

    let me say this to u guys….from all many novel i read(i nvr hate the novel i read it juz that i silently left them when they uninterest me)… daily i always check for this novel, desolate era and TSUKI GA MICHIBIKU ISEKAI DOUCHUU….others famous novel i do read but i kinda drop it halfway… im not the kind to hate novel that i read so it juz happen that i drop it temporary…but u guys managed to hook me so far(im juz a normal guy reading novel)… as one of many normal plebeian i thank you so much for ur effort even thou it is an mtl only
    PS:Pls ignore the grammar and stuff since im too lazy to edit them properly since english is my second language

    1. van00

      let me clarify this to u guys….from all the novels that i have read(i nvr hate the novels that i had read it juz that i silently left them when they bores me)… every day i always check for this novel, desolate era and TSUKI GA MICHIBIKU ISEKAI DOUCHUU update…nvr miss a single update up to latest chapter,,,there are others famous novel that i do read but i kinda drop it halfway… im not the kind of person to hate novel that i read so far…so, it juz happen that i drop it temporary…but u guys had managed to hook me this far…u managed to caught a normal guy to read this mtl novel of urs… as one of many normal plebeian i thank you so much for the efforts even thou it is just an mtl only
      PS: sorry for previous commend that speak like a chick that just learning english yesterday

      1. van00

        i miss a sentences there after “i have read….” of well…

  10. axcel101

    Shif and Argos Yesu thanks for the translations you guys have done until now and welcome Armored Raven,and hope we get a lot of translated chapters from you and best of luck~~

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