Machine Translator: Shif
Editors: Argos Yesu

Chapter release schedule for the holidays: We’ll be cutting down the chapter releases per week to 3 (M-W-F or T-Th-S). It is mainly because of me, Shif. I am going to work during the holidays and even do overtime because the company pays double during this season. It’ll be until mid-January. I am hoping for your understanding. Thanks.


About the footnotes: The footnotes are at the bottom and aren’t disturbing your reads. If you find it annoying, please just skip reading it.


About the ads: I had emailed the advertisers a couple of times now and unfortunately, they haven’t replied yet. For now, I ask you all to use an adblocker extension/addon to avoid any harm that may be inflicted onto your device/s. The reason why I am not removing the ads is because of the terms I signed with them. To simply put it, I need to follow the terms we agreed upon earlier. With that, I am asking for your understanding. Thanks.


First chapter of the week:

Volume 3: Chapter 239


  1. All Night

    So will be seeing those missed chapters from last week, or just pretend they don’t exist?

    1. shif (Post author)

      We skipped releasing chapters last week so there’s no chapters for last week. Sorry about that.

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