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Editors: Argos Yesu


Some of our valued readers had suggested that I remove the teaser chapter links for them to easily navigate from one chapter to the next. I am all for this suggestion and actually, I know it is better to be like that. Unfortunately, changing the links in the chapters will take up so much of my time. Even if it is just 5 minutes, it is already too much. Fortunately, we have the “Table of Contents” link in each chapter. You can use it to navigate from chapter to chapter.

To be honest with you guys, both me and Argos had limited time that we can spare to do MTL. We got real life job to attend to aside from family and personal matters. Given that, we do hope for your understanding if there might be some shortcomings on our side. In the future, if I got a better job, then I might do the changes. For now, I do hope and ask for your understanding. Also, we do hope all of you would continue to give us suggestions. Thanks!


The story is going to be a little more interesting starting this chapter.

First chapter for this week:

Volume 3: Chapter 219

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