Machine Translator: Shif
Editors: Argos Yesu

There wasn’t a release yesterday because I was too tired to check the final edits of Argos (so it’s all my fault). I’m sorry about that (you’ll probably hear more of this “sorry” because work’s taking a tool on me lately-hoping for your understanding).

With that, please enjoy today’s chapter:

Volume 3: Chapter 205


  1. wes174

    isnt it 5 chapters a week though? no need to apologize for a bonus chapter!

    1. shif (Post author)

      We do our best to release 5 per week, yes. This is the fifth chapter this week 🙂

  2. kingCahir

    that life for you man, so dont worry about it to much. We dont mind if your late with the updates

  3. thedracoazur

    Never! Translate faster! *whip slash* muahahahaha *Maniatic laugh*

    But seriously, 5 releases per week is awesome, Thank you for the hard work! You have nothing to feel sorry about, we -on the other hand- must be thankful for your hard work on this translation!

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