Machine Translator: Shif
Editors: Argos Yesu


Now, early on in the translation and editing process, Shif and I had noticed a crucial flaw in the naming scheme proposed by Trung. This is namely for the names given by Zhao Hai to anyone. In basic terms, if Zhao Hai named a character, it was translated wrongly.

The largest instance of this was when “Drunk” and his band of merry mercenaries were caught, converted, and renamed. The names given went a little along the lines of: 赵醉, 赵捶, 赵山, 赵封, 赵冲, 赵陆, 赵七, and 赵连. These names are, respectively, given by Trung as: Drunk, Hammer, Mountain, Edge, Punch, Rash, Scales, and Brick (don’t ask, I dunno how he used those characters or pinyins to name the characters—maybe we have different raws).

If you look closely, you can see that there is a common character in those names. The character is 赵, or Zhao, the same as Zhao Hai’s name. This is also introduced in this chapter, for the new character Zhao En (赵恩). In future chapters, this naming scheme becomes a pattern for Zhao Hai. He gives them his surname, then introduces a given name to them.

What does this change entail? Drunk’s name will now be changed to its pinyin form, Zhao Zui. This is proper, because it follows the theme where Zhao Hai names his stuff after his Earth way. All future naming by Zhao Hai that should be converted to pinyin, WILL be converted to pinyin.

Why do we not just keep the Zhao and westernize/translate the last part? Firstly, it’s wrong. It just is, no one translates half a name. Secondly, some of these characters don’t translate well enough. Even Trung’s translation of those names above didn’t make much sense. In this case, Drunk was an easy one, but what about the other names? Zhao Lian (赵连) basically means Zhao Repeatedly/Consecutively/etc. In this chapter, Zhao En would be Zhao Favor/Kindness (even if Grace is a name, the basic idea is to be kind or forgiving or whatever traits a saint should have).

Why the hassle, keep it as Drunk and leave out the Zhao? Weak argument/suggestion. The author named it after the pattern of giving Zhao to each pet/slave Zhao Hai acquires. It’s not something you ignore because it’s annoying.

Why do this, but change Kun Zheng to Quinn John? First of all, the connection here is the connection to Zhao Hai. He came from Earth, changed his own name, and then gave out names to others under his own surname. Quinn John is an original denizen of the Ark Continent, and there is nothing, NOTHING, to suggest he should be any different. Thus, giving him an Eastern name while he has no ties to Earth and any Eastern culture just isn’t right.

That is all.

– Argos Yesu and Shif


Volume 2: Chapter 191


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  2. goo21

    My argument is: Drunk is memorable name. Zhao Whatever is easily forgettable for us, english speaking people, and Chinese sounds like incomprehensible foreign gibberish.

    1. shif (Post author)

      True, however, if Drunk was introduced first as Zhao Lian, then it’ll be different.Its just a matter of acceptance and perspective, I guess. Problem is, we weren’t the ones who translated back then.

      1. goo21

        His naming sense is strange. I wouldn’t give my family name which belonged to my ancestors to some random slave who isn’t even alive and is simply a puppet.

        1. shif (Post author)

          I agree. Unfortunately, we’re just translating the name as how the author named it, to the best that we can since we’re using MTL.

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