Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter – 199

Chapter 199 – Upgrade

Cai-er looked at the Spatial Crack, her expression fearless. She had already seen space cracks before; don’t forget that her appearance here was due to her relationship with a space crack. Thus, how could she fear it?

She simply didn’t care much for it and, with a whiz, Cai-er flew into the Space. Seeing this, Zhao Hai’s eyes lit up and he also went back inside the Space. The reason why Zhao Hai had tried to lure Cai-er inside the Space was because she was just too strong. If he could make Cai-er grow her vines outside Fort Iron Mountain, then he wouldn’t need to worry about the security there.

Zhao Hai also had an idea. He hadn’t yet asked Cai-er about her relationship with the seven-colored smog covering the Carrion Swamp. If she indeed had some relation with it, then so long as Cai-er could extend her vines to Fort Iron Mountain, the whole of the Black Waste can benefit from being covered by the seven-colored smog. When that time comes, he could safely improve the land and boldly cultivate plants. There would no one on the continent daring enough to go into the Black Waste. This was the result he wished to see.

Just as Zhao Hai entered the Space, the Space prompted in a tone:

[Discovered plant sprite.

Spatial intelligence enhanced.

Space has leveled up to Level 21.

New land that can now be reclaimed is: 1,000 mu. Requirements: 10,000 Gold Coins[1].

Host can now hand over management of the Space to the plant sprite.

~Due to having reached Level 20:

Background Swap function has been added.

Spatial Bag function has been added..

~After having reached level 20:

Space will not be able to reclaim new land.

Space can now upgrade existing land and water levels.

Each level up will promote the quality of land to Red Land

Red Land increases crop yield by 10%.

Red Land decreases maturity time by 20%.

Red Land has its own special seed page in the Spatial Shop.

Host can now purchase Red Land seeds from the Spatial Shop.

Each level up will promote the quality of the Spatial Spring.

Each level up increases detoxification ability, magic power, battle qi, physical strength, and restoration capabilities.]

Just then, Cai-er flew over to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, this place is great! Later on, Cai-er must live here. I’ll transfer my main body over to here.”

Zhao Hai was still thinking about the things the Space prompted when he heard what Cai-er had said. He couldn’t help but be surprised for a moment. Zhao Hai looked at Cai-er and asked, “Can you transfer your main body here? Then what will you do about those branches outside?”

Cai-er replied with a smile, “Young Master, can’t you establish a transfer point? Actually, when I said I would move my main body, it won’t actually have any effect on the Devil World, nor the Carrion Swamp. My main body would be inside the Space, and so long as there are transfer points, I can appear in the Devil World or the Carrion Swamp directly. I can easily unite with my branches from here, thus there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Zhao Hai looked at Cai-er and said, “Are you saying you can branch out to the Devil World and Carrion Swamp by using the transfer points? I remember I hadn’t yet established a transfer point in the Carrion Swamp yet, right?”

Cai-er smiled. “Constructing one now would be good. Since the Space had leveled up to beyond 20, you can assign ten transfer points. You could construct a transfer point here in the Carrion Swamp. Moreover, I’ll give you the coordinates so you can set up a transfer point in the Devil World.”

Zhao Hai nodded and muttered, “I guess it would be a good time to take a look at the Devil World. But wait, how do you know so much about the Space? Who told you all of that?”

Cai-er smiled. “Young Master has forgotten, but I am a plant sprite[2]. Now that I’m fully integrated with the Space, I now know the features of the Space. Later on, Young Master could hand over management of the Space to me. Then you can ask me to do things[3].”

Around this time, Green and the others came out and they all looked at Cai-er, confused. They knew about her since they’d been watching the screen, and knew she was a Hell Rainbow Flower—a plant sprite[4]. They really hadn’t thought she would already have been integrated with the space.

Zhao Hai hastily said, “It spoke earlier about the Background Swap function, as well as a Spatial Bags function. What are they?”

Cai-er nodded. “The Background Swap function means you can decorate the background by buying it using Gold Coins. Right now, the land inside the Space, except for land occupied by the Spatial Villa, are all covered with white mist. As long as you change the background, the white mist will dissipate and reveal the original world. This will be useful if Young Master wishes to place the slaves inside the Space in the future. There will be a greater amount of room for their activities.

“The most important thing is that as long as you exchange background, then upon reaching Level 30, you would be able to use that background. In other words, when that time comes, the Young Master can then be able to plant on the lands in the background. At this moment, however, Young Master only has over 1,000 mu of land. After reaching Level 30, the Young Master will be able to use the land in the background and greatly increase the amount of land you have. And it’s not only land you can get, but mountains, rivers, seas, and even areas filled with ore. Even if the Young Master cannot leave the Space, the production within the Space wouldn’t be poorer than that of the continent. This is a separate world, and the Young Master is the master of this world.”

Zhao Hai heard all of this and Cai-er’s explanation was also very clear. In other words, he can now change the background. Although it wouldn’t be usable at the moment, he could use it after he reached Level 30. It really was equal to having another world. This was really good.

Cai-er continued, “The Spatial Bag function is very good. Young Master, the Space loads all the seeds, and it even has a separate space for Gold Coins, so you don’t need it. But in fact, this small Spatial Bag, while it can’t hold much – only around ten cubic meters – it could be taken outside. This can only be done by the Young Master. There are also a lot of such bags now. So long as Young Master presents them with a Spatial Bag, then Grandpa Green and the others can equip them.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He looked at Cai-er and said, “How did you know who Grandpa Green was? Also, how did you know the slaves had entered the Space?”

Cai-er replied with a smile, “I knew of them because the Space has a record system. All that happens within the Space is recorded. Since I had integrated with the Space, I would, of course, naturally know of it. You are the master of the Space, and also my master. But since I know you don’t like people calling you master, I thus called you Young Master[5].”

Nodding, Zhao Hai then said, “Yes, that’s right. Since the Space had upgraded, did the monitoring function also receive an upgrade?”

Cai-er smiled as she answered, “It was naturally upgraded as well. Now we can see as far as two kilometers. Later on, once the Space reaches Level 30 we can see much further.”

Zhao Hai looked at Cai-er as she explained things. He said, “Are you going to transfer your main body into the Space? Won’t it take a lot of land space if you do so?[6]

Cai-er shook her head. “No, I haven’t yet moved my main body into the Space. I also won’t take up too much of the land space. Young Master, I will move it now. Also, except for Bluestone Villa and Fort Iron Mountain, I would like to add those two extra transfer points. I’ll place one in the Carrion Swamp and another in the Devil World. Young Master cannot go the Devil World right now as it’s still too dangerous for you to do so. But once we have the opportunity, will Young Master wish to take a look?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Of course. Alright, after you have transferred your main body to the Space, don’t forget to extend two branches. One for Fort Iron Mountain, the other for Bluestone Villa. Does the seven-colored smog covering the Carrion Swamp have any relation with you?”

Cai-er smiled as she replied, “Young Master, don’t worry. I understand what you mean. First, surround Bluestone Villa, but the seven-colored smog shouldn’t be seen by outsiders. Second, I should emit a massive amount of smog around the Black Waste so that others would think the Carrion Swamp had expanded into the Black Waste. Have I said it right?”

Zhao Hai laughed as he agreed. “You really are intelligent. Starting today, I’ll call you Zhao Cai-er[7]. Oh right, if I leave the Space, can you follow me? If I’m in a battle, can you help me?”

Cai-er smiled as she replied, “Yes, of course! I’m integrated with the Space, but the Space is a part of the Young Master. Thus, I naturally belong to the Young Master. If the Young Master is in battle, my vines can be extended from the Space to help the Young Master.”

After they heard what Cai-er said, Green and the others were happy. They were most worried about Zhao Hai’s security. Now it was all good. They didn’t need to be worried anymore. Since Zhao Hai had a plant with a Rank Nine’s battle efficiency at his side, his security was guaranteed.

Moreover, Cai-er was different from Zhao Wen. Since Zhao Wen was a Carrion Swamp Rank Nine expert, if she appeared on the continent, it was highly possible she would be attacked by the other Rank Nine experts of the continent. Cai-er, however, hadn’t appeared on the continent. Even if she were to help Zhao Hai in a fight, most people wouldn’t think she had any relation with the Carrion Swamp. With this, it was truly like having a Rank Nine expert under their command[8].

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Then you go out. I want to go in and choose a background.” Cai-er complied immediately as Zhao Hai and the others went back into the Spatial Villa.

After entering the Spatial Villa, Zhao Hai reclaimed all of the new land. Since he had so much wealth in his hands right now. Even though this 1,000 mu area of land required 10,000 Gold Coins, Zhao Hai didn’t mind which was somewhat remarkable.

Once he reclaimed the land, Zhao Hai turned to the screen immediately. He checked the Spatial Shop and looked for the Decorations page. Then he bought the background that matched with the Spatial Villa. Zhao Hai didn’t want to buy anything more since they were expensive. The background for the Spatial Villa had only cost a Gold Coin[9].

They couldn’t use the background right now anyway. The background was laid out beautifully, so it wouldn’t affect the activity of the people within the Space. Thus, he saw no problem with it.

With the small Spatial Villa background, it added a small prairie around it. Although it was small and uneven, above it was long, green grass. Adding in the blue sky, it made the Space brightly lit.

After choosing the background, Zhao Hai went out of the Spatial Villa. Green and the others followed him as they also wanted to look at the situation outside.



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  1. [1]1,000 mu is 666,666.7 square meters or 164.7 acres. I don’t know why the prices are so odd and fluctuate so much… before, 10 mu reclamation equaled to 3,000 Gold Coins. Maybe I missed it before and every threshold level he crosses means more land, less gold spent. Anyway, 10,000 Gold Coins for 1000 mu.
  2. [2]Oh yes, nothing about the last chapter referred to her being a plant sprite, so I have no idea where this came from.
  3. [3]Yes! Reverse trick him! Take control of the Space and dominate everything! You’re immortal too, and the most powerful thing on two planes of existence! DO IT!!!
  4. [4]Again, no idea how they know this. Nothing in the last chapter said anything about no plant elf.
  5. [5]Good Cai-er. Your plan of taking over the Space is going well. Gain his trust, then throw him to the side.
  6. [6]Wow, he got a super helper and he’s worried she’d take his room…
  7. [7]Insensitive. She already had a name and you attached yours to her so she’d, in a way, belong to you. It wasn’t like she didn’t have a name before (Zhao Wen), or was an enemy you beat (Zhao Zui and co. and Zhao En). Sighs…
  8. [8]So this is based on the idea that those outside Rank Nines have met every single Rank Nine of Carrion Swamp, yet hadn’t see Flower City. Based on the idea that doing anything outside the Carrion Swamp means instant surveillance from other Rank Nines, it’s rather improbable. Do these Rank Nines have some sort of 24/7 surveillance of the continent? Their divine senses can’t reach further than a few kilometers…
  9. [9]“Ha, land reclamation? 10,000 Gold Coins? Nothing for my deep pockets. Backgrounds to grow the space of my separate world? I’ll just buy this thing worth 1 Gold Coin. Meh.”




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