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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Author: Ming Yu (明宇)

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Qidian Synopsis:

If he wants to be high handed then let him, I sow my fields, if he wants to come provoke me, he won’t see next year.

The nerd Zhao Hai brings his Happy Farm over to another world, possessing the body of a fallen noble, his fief is a black land where nothing grows, and he has an incomparably strong fiancée who is the heir to a duchy, a future grand duchess! Most importantly is that he is magically and martially crippled, he can’t learn magic, can’t learn fighting skills, thoroughly crippled.

I can’t learn magic, but I have a farm. You dare attack me? I’ll release bugs to eat your provisions, eat your crops, pour pesticide in your water, herbicide, sow weeds on your land, then we’ll see if you still dare attack me.

What? You want to send assassins to kill me? Hey hey hey, I’ll hide in my farm’s little hut, then see how you beat me, once you leave, I’ll let your nation’s crops fail, and when all your people are rising in revolt, then we’ll see if you still dare come kill me.

Come read about a somewhat two-faced nerd, who uses his Happy Farm in that sword and sorcery world, to become a nightmare that everyone has heard of.


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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World (带着农场混异界) by Ming Yu (明宇), is a fantasy web novel, and currently the third longest work on the novel platform Qidian at close to 19 million characters and still ongoing
(Credits goes to /u/Bagelsonof Reddit for translating the above texts)