Machine Translation: Using a machine translator to translate raw text to English, then trying to make that mess of MTL into something readable.

Shif Alarcon

Making Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World easier to read using machine translators. Doing it only during my free time as I have a real life job along with some online freelancing works.


Editor: Making the MTL’s mess into something even more readable.

Argos Yesu

I edit for Shif and make sure to create notes for stuff that may confuse or escape a reader’s attention. I also edit for some stories on Radiant TL… and I frequent RRL chat. That’s it?


Release Schedule:

Usually, Monday to Friday at no specific time.



1. Donations?

Soon. Why? For the website bills and some pizzas?~


2. Planning to pick-up another series to MTL?

Not in the foreseeable future.


3. Why are there ADS?

Now that we have our own website, we need some funds to keep it running.


4. Any more info about the ADS?

They are from third-party websites and advertisers. If they cause malware alert or cause your reading experience to be affected, kindly give us a heads up through our Contact Page or post a comment.